24 Hour Dispatch Lines:

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        ​(574) 233-2020

Today, we have what we think to be the best people in the area serving you. We provide exclusive service for several hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, pharmacies, restaurants, a huge number of local businesses, along with thousands of other people. Hopefully if you're reading this and have not had the experience of riding with us at Checker and City Cab, you will do so and realize what we say is the truth! 

For several years now, our company has used computer dispatched taxis. Our taxi cabs are equipped with Samsung tablets which allow our Customer Care Agents to instantly transmit information directly to the drivers. We also use a tracking system which allows our Fleet Supervisors to track efficiency by constantly monitoring response time.

As you may have seen on our home page, we use a number of different items to make our company better. We are committed to creating a positive environment for both our staff and you, the customer, at any and all times. We always plan for nearly every possibility you can think. If something arises that we have not planned for before, we assess the issue and implement a practice to make sure it never happens again. This is how we become the most efficient company we possibly can. 


In 2002, 11 drivers formed Checker Cab of Northern Indiana, LLC after the previous company that they had been a part of became more focused on things other than customer satisfaction. One year later, Checker Cab acquired City Cab of South Bend. Since then, Checker & City Cab have served the area with customer service as the main focus. Because of that, they have become the highest rated taxi cab service in the area. To this day, customer service is the main focus. We make sure this stays true by having only the best drivers and customer service agents serve you, the customer.