24 Hour Dispatch Lines:

        (574) 288-7777

        ​(574) 233-2020

Benefits of a Corporate Account:

  • Eliminate petty cash transactions and reimbursement records
  • Personalized attention with an Account Executive who will be assigned to work with you and your staff
  • Thorough documentation of your local travel expenses

            Again, you will receive detailed information of account use, including: passenger names, dates and times             of travel, pick-up points and destinations.

  • Online access to reservations 

A Checker and City Cab Corporate Charge Account is an exceptionally valuable tool for your business or organization.

Corporate Accounts

Checker and City Cab offers corporate charge accounts to businesses of all types and sizes. If you open a corporate charge account with us, you can count on exceptional service and a system that streamlines cab orders and billings for the rides taken by your company. Our monthly invoices can be prepared to suit your needs, including, but not limited to, passenger signature and detailed trip statistics.

To begin using your account, our accounting department will provide you information about how to gain access to both our physical and digital vouchers that can be used online or over the phone. You have the flexibility to limit when, how often, or who can use the account. The vouchers are good for any and all trips with Checker and City Cab.

You will be accessing a taxi service that is licensed by the City of South Bend and exceeds necessary requirements regarding safety, licensing, and insurance. We service all of the Michiana Area but can also make focus to service you where ever else you may need service. Checker and City Cab is committed to providing the most reliable, prompt, technologically advanced, and courteous taxi cab rides in this geographical area.

To Set Up a New Account:
(Please allow 2-3 business days to establish your new account)

To establish a new account, we must have all billing information on file before providing transportation service. For convenience, you can download the forms online below to simplify the process. After you have filled out the information, please email it to the accounting department.

If you have any questions whatsoever, such as expected pricing information, security of your information, along with anything else, you can email the accounting department.

​​To establish a new account, you must fill out the following agreement: 

Again, any and all questions should be addressed via email to assure the best possible information is given.